At MG Stone we are a well known company supplying custom cut, natural stone fabrication and stone countertop installation Highland Park services. We are renowned for the quality of our natural stone countertops Highland Park and our outstanding workmanship. We are experts in natural and engineered stone and we specialize in custom stone work for your kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere in your house. An impressive stone fireplace or quartz countertops Highland Park produced. Our beautiful quality products are fully functional and have a luxury aesthetic. We use only the finest materials and our countertops near me in Highland Park, IL are designed to fulfill all your requirements.

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Whatever you desire we have a wide selection of natural stone to meet your needs.
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Our countertop installers nearby Highland Park, IL strive to keep the prices low and service quality as high as possible.
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We offer free estimates with all of our services, for countertop fabrication Highland Park or professional installation.
  • bright bathroom with granite countertops
    BATHROOM COUNTERTOPS - INSTALLATION & REPLACEMENT At MG Stone Surface we produce bathroom countertops made from Natural Stone, including: granite, marble, onyx, and quartz. We provide fabrication and installation services, as well as renovation and replacement of bathroom countertops Chicago. Our stone bathroom countertops are of the highest-grade and are cut fabricated and processed in house by our expert experienced team. We use cutting edge technology for the cutting of the stone and our talented craftsmen will make sure the final product is stunning, impressive and will make your bathroom look amazing. Contact us for more information, our professionals are ready and eager to meet your needs. 3 Best Types of Bathroom Countertops Granite Granite is a definite favorite when it comes to high-end natural stone bathroom countertops Chicago. Granite is one of the strongest stones, durable and long-lasting. The granite countertops Chicago produced are unique with many colors and veined patterns to choose from. Minimal maintenance is needed with this beautiful natural stone. Marble If luxury, elegance, and sophistication are what you’re after, marble countertops Chicago are the bathroom countertops for you! The marble looks great in modern contemporary bathrooms and in more classic styles. It is heat-resistant and will not scratch. However, it's not stain resistant, so it's best to get your countertops sealed. Quartz Quartz has resided top in the bathroom countertop Chicago market for some time. This beautiful engineered stone is similar to granite in appearance, but doesn't need to be sealed and is scratch, dent-resistant and maintenance-free! It's non-porous, so you’ll have no problem with stains or water penetration. Our Latest Bathroom Project
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  • living room with granite countertops on fireplace
    CABINET REFACING & CABINET INSTALLATION If you need a new kitchen, but your budget really won't stretch that far, there is another option. At MG Stone Surface our cabinet refacing service is exactly what you need. Cabinet refacing involves our professional team removing the doors and drawers from your existing kitchen and replacing them with new ones. In addition to this the cabinet frames are laminated in a new color, style and material and then the doors and drawers are replaced and you have a kitchen that looks fantastic and brand new. At a fraction of the cost that a new kitchen would cost. Our last cabinets projects
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  • Open space for living room kitchen with granite countertops after countertop installation
    MARBLE, ONYX, GRANITE & QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS INSTALLATION If you are looking to invest in quality, natural, or engineered stone countertops, MG Stone Surface is renowned for quality countertop installation in Chicagoland area. These include marble countertops, onyx countertops, granite countertops and quartz countertops. Our stone countertops are durable, long lasting and beautiful. The installation of any of these countertops will change the aesthetics of your kitchen, and transform it making it stylish, elegant and stunning. Our company specializes in designing and fabricating countertops to the highest standards using the finest quality stone. Contact us for more details about our quality, superior stone products. Understanding the Countertop Installation Chicago Process Your kitchen can have a complete face-lift just by you replacing the countertops with new ones. New countertops will totally transform your kitchen, they will breathe new life into the room, Creating a new functional space for all the family to enjoy. Replacing your countertops is a project that needs preparation and can be a stressful undertaking. Installing new countertops properly, requires effort, careful attention and time. Installing new countertops is an investment for your property and it is important to ensure you have a reputable professional company to provide quality countertops and a professional countertop installation Chicago service. So whether you are planning on gorgeous quartz countertops Chicago produced, stunning granite countertops Chicago crafted or any other type of countertop, make sure to give MG Stone a call. We are countertop experts. We have a large range of quality, impressive countertops, that will make any kitchen glorious! Contact us today. Our Latest Countertop Project
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  • custom made stairs with granite countertops
    Custom Stone
    Installation and Custom Fabrication of Natural Stone The stone countertops are custom cut, polished to achieve a flawless finish and ready for countertop installation. It takes a million years for the stone to form, and our craftsmen have spent a lifetime training and perfecting their skills to bring you the very best workmanship. Natural stone is a highly sought after material, it is strong, stain and heat resistant and waterproof. It is also very difficult to chip or crack. Our expert installers will ensure that the countertops are installed professionally and perfectly, so that you can enjoy your natural stone countertops for many years to come.
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  • white modern kitchen with granite countertops
    CUSTOM MADE KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS MG Stone Surface custom make and install quality kitchen countertops Chicago which will make your kitchen beautiful and impressive. Our skilled team works with only the highest quality materials to create exceptional results. We use cutting edge technology and skilled workmanship, to produce fantastic countertops, which will make any kitchen glamorous and guaranteed to impress. From the initial design stage through to installation, we handle the whole process, saving you money and allowing us to  keep our prices affordable. If you require natural stone, engineered stone or man-made countertops, we can meet your requirements. Contact us today for more information. The best natural and engineered stone for your kitchen. Granite Countertops Chicago Granite kitchen countertops are extremely popular and highly sought after. Granite is known for its excellent properties of durability, strength and a long-life, which make it a perfect material for countertops. Our granite kitchen countertops Chicago made are custom cut to  exactly fit your specifications. LEARN MORE Quartz Countertops Chicago Quartz countertops Chicago made have beautiful uniform designs and a range of colors. Quartz is harder than granite, stain free, chip free and scratch free. It doesn't need to be sealed like natural stone and will last a lifetime. Buy quartz; it will never need replacing. LEARN MORE Marble Countertops Chicago Marble brings luxury and elegance wherever it is installed. The gleaming surface of a marble countertop Chicago produced will make any kitchen elegant and stunning. This beautiful natural stone is available in different colors. Marble is incredibly long-lasting and will bring style, beauty and grace to your kitchen for many years. LEARN MORE Onyx Countertops Chicago Onyx is a beautiful, translucent stone adorned by mesmerizing swirling patterns or colored veins. While onyx is too soft and easily stained for kitchen countertops Chicago, it can be backlit to striking effect. It makes an excellent aesthetic choice for a kitchen backsplash or the base of a kitchen island. LEARN MORE Limestone Countertops Chicago Limestone is arguably the most naturally beautiful stone used in interiors. Due to its muted, earthy colors, it’s the perfect match for kitchen countertops Chicago, as it matches a variety of interiors. It will need some maintenance, as it can scratch and isn’t heatproof, but it makes up for that in beauty. LEARN MORE Why Choose MG Stone Surface For Kitchen Countertops Chicago? At Mg Stone Surface, we take pride in being the go-to destination for all your kitchen countertops Chicago needs. Here are some of the reasons why we should be your first choice for countertop solutions: Walk-In Showroom Our stunning walk-in showroom in Chicago is designed to give you a firsthand experience of our extensive collection of kitchen countertops Chicago designs. Ranging from traditional to modern styles, we have everything you need to make your kitchen look attractive. We also offer custom countertops for those who want something unique. Expertise Our team is skilled and experienced in designing and installing the perfect kitchen countertops Chicago produced for your home. We understand the importance of good design, functional layout, and everyday comfort when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. Years Of Experience We have been in the business of kitchen design, including kitchen countertops Chicago designed, for many years. Our experience is reflected in the quality of our work, and our seasoned designers maintain excellent customer relations. Affordable Rates We offer professional kitchen design services at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. We work closely with your budget to provide you with the best, high-quality countertop materials for your kitchen. Free Consultation We offer a free consultation to help you plan your next kitchen remodel. We take time to understand your needs and requirements and help you come up with the perfect solution for your kitchen countertops Chicago. Countertop Specialists Our professional kitchen designers are the best in the business. They work meticulously to provide you with the design of your choice, whether it's granite, marble, or other kitchen countertops Chicago made. Our Latest Kitchen Stone Project
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Quality Granite, Marble, Onyx, Limestone & Quartz Countertops Near Highland Park, IL


Stone countertops Highland Park produced are a popular purchase, at MG Stone we have a varied selection of both natural and engineered stone, for you to choose from. All of our products are made from the highest grade of stone and with our exceptional workmanship, we strive to produce exceptional, stunning stone countertops near me Highland Park, IL. Our countertops Highland Park crafted are a long term investment, they are extremely durable and will last a lifetime. In addition they will increase the value of your home. Marble, granite or quartz, whichever you prefer. Our products will add luxury, elegance and style to your home.


At MG Stone Surface, we specialize in custom crafting and installing beautiful kitchen countertops Highland Park. We use  the finest materials along with superior workmanship and cutting edge technology to produce exceptional, stunning kitchen countertops near me. Our kitchen countertops Highland Park made will make any kitchen beautiful and impressive. We provide a full service, we handle everything for the initial design stage to the professional countertop installation Highland Park service. This allows us to keep our prices low so that you can save money. We can supply you with whatever type of countertop you require: natural or engineered stone, or other man made quartz countertops Highland Park.


Marble, onyx, quartz, and granite countertops nearby Highland Park, IL are just a few of the natural stones that we at MG Stone Surface use to create beautiful and durable bathroom vanities. Our company can make new or replace old bathroom countertops Highland Park, as well as renovate or repair them. In-house stone cutting, fabrication, and processing ensure the greatest quality for our luxurious bathroom countertop installation Highland Park. The stone is cut using state-of-the-art machinery, and our skilled artisans will ensure that the end result is beautiful and spectacular enough to make your bathroom appear fantastic. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about how our experts can serve you.


At MG Stone Surface we are renowned for our quality, beautiful kitchen countertops Highland Park produced. Whether you’re looking for quartz countertops Highland Park, marble countertops Highland Park or granite countertops Highland Park crafted, we have a wide selection of high-end stone and we provide professional countertop installation Highland Park services. Our outstanding stone countertops near me Highland Park, IL are highly durable and will last a lifetime! They will transform your kitchen and provide an impressive, luxurious aesthetic. Our quality quartzite countertops near me are expertly designed, custom-cut and fabricated to the highest standards, utilizing only the best grade stone. Contact us today.

Quartz Countertops Near Highland Park, IL

Engineered quartz is a popular choice for countertops. Natural resources are used to make quartz. Resins and pigments make up about 10% of it. They provide a tough surface when mixed. Quartz’s hardness is only one of several characteristics that set it apart from other countertops options. Quartz countertops Highland Park are noted for their durability. Since it lasts longer than conventional countertops, engineered quartz has a minimal environmental effect. MG Stone makes beautiful and durable quartz countertops with many homeowner advantages. These countertops near Highland Park, IL produced mimic the appearance and feel of other popular materials like marble, granite, and concrete for an additional attractive feature.

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