At MG Stone Surface we produce bathroom countertops made from Natural Stone, including: granite, marble, onyx, and quartz. We provide fabrication and installation services, as well as renovation and replacement of bathroom countertops Chicago. Our stone bathroom countertops are of the highest-grade and are cut fabricated and processed in house by our expert experienced team. We use cutting edge technology for the cutting of the stone and our talented craftsmen will make sure the final product is stunning, impressive and will make your bathroom look amazing. Contact us for more information, our professionals are ready and eager to meet your needs.

3 Best Types of Bathroom Countertops


Granite is a definite favorite when it comes to high-end natural stone bathroom countertops Chicago. Granite is one of the strongest stones, durable and long-lasting. The granite countertops Chicago produced are unique with many colors and veined patterns to choose from. Minimal maintenance is needed with this beautiful natural stone.


If luxury, elegance, and sophistication are what you’re after, marble countertops Chicago are the bathroom countertops for you! The marble looks great in modern contemporary bathrooms and in more classic styles. It is heat-resistant and will not scratch. However, it's not stain resistant, so it's best to get your countertops sealed.


Quartz has resided top in the bathroom countertop Chicago market for some time. This beautiful engineered stone is similar to granite in appearance, but doesn't need to be sealed and is scratch, dent-resistant and maintenance-free! It's non-porous, so you’ll have no problem with stains or water penetration.

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